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Special Projects

Over the years I’ve managed to build a reputation as a “niche” problem solver. A large amount of my work these days is getting X item to talk to Y.

Most of our projects are under nondisclosure agreements but we will add projects here as they get announced.

Human Interaction with Lighting

Working with a well known Australian technical supplier (Mandylights) I delivered a turnkey hardware and software package that allowed a full rig of lights at an installation to be controlled by nothing but your arms. Splitting the rig in half allowed the user to control half of the rig with his left and right up independently.

ProDJ to MAlink

Taking an existing code project that allows extracting BPM and Metadata from a Pioneer ProDJ link system we created the bridge that allows it to talk to grandMA2. Fantastic for clubs and DJ acts.


OLED Keyboard

Using existing StreamDeck hardware LX Hues built a small backend application and keyset to turn the humble device that works on keystrokes into something that bridges with grandMA2 without needing keystrokes.