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L8/Light Converse

L8 is a revolutionary pre-production software suite that includes an amazing set of features at a great price point. LX Hues is proud to be the official support and distribution partner for the L8 software platform in the Asia Pacific region.

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Maximum Fixture Count 64 512 512 800* 2000
ArtNet, sACN universes 2 255 255 255 255
HOG 4 universes 255 255 255
MA-NET universes* 255 255 255
Laser inputs 255 255 255
High quality Video Recording + + + + +
3DS, FBX import/export ** + + + + +
Onboard show control + + + + +
Video texture playbacks 32 32 255
Video texture inputs 12 12 12
NDI texture inputs** 9 9 9
Animated Characters** + + + +
LC-NET texture inputs 9 9
Mirrors + + +
Animated 3D Textures  + + +
Moving objects, Camera path + +
Moving objects collision alarm +
Virtual cameras overall resolution 2 HD 4 HD
Virtual Reality (Oculus, HTC) +
List Price (EUR) (Prices quoted are list price, contact for better pricing) 88 900 1400 2800 7500

*MA-NET must be used with MA hardware for parameters unlock.
**2019 licenses only, or FP19 license upgrade

 L8 integrates well with VectorworksAutoCad, 3DSMax, MayaSketchup

  Vectorworks AutoCad 3DSMax Maya Sketchup
Geometry and Materials YES YES YES YES YES
Fixtures recognition YES YES YES no no
Patch and parameters YES no no no no
Geometry optimization v2019 no v2019 no no

L8 is a tool for professionals, to help shape and develop their lighting design ideas, and share them. But on the other side, it is a major part of the creation process. L8 is an environment where ideas are born and nurtured. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, and it doesn’t matter if it’s been done before or not — we develop our software so that people from all skill levels of the industry can create their best work. Our users’ ideas are the significant driver for us to make the best product we can, from inception to realization. The way that L8 works best is when it is used by people who enjoy what they do

– Dmitriy Giventar (founding director of L8 LLC, product developer)

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