MA2 Goodies

It's an image of an MA2. No secrets here!
Everyone loves free stuff, especially for MA2.

Here are few cool things I’ve created that you can steal/use/abuse

My only provision is that if you do something super cool with it or made it better tell me about it so I bask in the warm glow of our mutual macro/program love

Name Description Download (Click on the text below)
MSC On/Off Turns MSC timecode on and off. Can also be edited to work with SMPTE [download id=”414″]
Save to Both Drives Saves showfile to Internal HD then USB then sets the default drive back to internal so any stabs of backup are saved to the internal drive (Isn’t really required as by default v3 onwards saves to both drives when external is selected) [download id=”417″]
Toggle Program and Executor Time  Toggles Program and Executor Time [download id=”420″]
 MA1 effects for MA2 Relive the days of old. This is a direct import and may need some TLC to get some of the colour effects to work.   [download id=”425″]

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