Pre Production Services

Showfile Creation/Maintenance 

Building showfiles can be a time consuming process, especially while touring and dealing with festival rigs.

Showfile services include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Creation of busking showfiles for festival one off or touring shows.
  • Branded custom layout views.
  • Colour/Gobo and Beam Layout view creation
  • Showfile cleanup and workflow improvement suggestions

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Fixture File Creation

When touring, coming across different systems and fixture compositions can be an added headache. To help assist with this I offer a service for fixture files for MA and even media servers to help you deal with a festival or non standard rig.

Fixture services include:

  • Creating fixture files from DMX charts.
  • Creating or updating palettes or parameter based information for better cloning
  • Building 3d models to assist with pre production and rendering.
  • Supporting and tweaking existing profiles for custom or specialist needs

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